Who is The Blighted Crown?

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Who is The Blighted Crown?

Post  Valtor on Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:41 pm


"May the Father lie blameless for the deeds of the son. May the bloodied crown stay lost and forgotten." Indeed did Arthas betray his father and the people of Lordaeron. Not a day goes past when we would not remember our hate for the Lich King. The Scourge on our very doorstep and the humans continue to see us as horrific abominations. And the Horde merely wishes to use us for their own advantage. Only the Blood Elves themselves could ever come even close to understanding our position, but then again. They hunger for magic and power. If they ever find what they seek, would they ever share it with the forsaken?

Indeed we could say that we are alone. And this is something we must accept before it's too late. We were slaughtered, enslaved and made to kill our own people in our own lands. Horrific acts were we forced to do. Our mind was never our own, only the Lich King's voice echoed through our rotten heads...

But now, we are free. We have the freedom that our queen granted us. We owe our lives to her. The Blighted Crown of our dead king now lies with her.
Her twisted malice drives us ever towards our shared goal. Vengeance burns stronger now throughout our being, hatred for those who shunned us, never have we so craved brutal revenge on those who persecute us.
Long have our plans been laid and the fruits of the labour will soon spring forth in glorious horror. The ignorant will be blind no longer when faced with the grim nature of our new order.
Awaken brothers and sisters, the time to reap our terrible harvest is now!

Remember the King!
Honour our Queen!
Praise the Blight!

The Blighted Crown is a World Of Warcraft guild playing on the European Defias Brotherhood Realm.

The guild is an Undead only RP guild started by a group of friends who have been role playing on the horde side since realm launch.
Our aim is to have fun in all aspects of the game from PvE to PvP while bringing our own brand of role play to the horde side.
We organize regular guild meetings and events. From IC instance runs to patrols and guard duty, in all things we put RP first.

The Blighted Crown has a very high set of standards. We expect our members to follow our rules at all times. Read them here:-

Guild Rules + Code of Conduct

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Re: Who is The Blighted Crown?

Post  Krakus on Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:48 pm

A short introduction film. -I recommend you to download instead of watching the stream. The quality of the stream is horrible...


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