The Blighted Crown clash with the Disciples of Light

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The Blighted Crown clash with the Disciples of Light

Post  Favius Daark on Fri Sep 26, 2008 6:37 am

(( Taken from DoL Forum ))

A small writeup on a small WPvP event I was holding against Blighted Crown. My first WPvP event so dont expect much really. But it was fun none the less, and just a taste of what I am planning for the future.
25th of September, 2008.

Approximatley 18.30 bell, Commander Saihna Trollbane recived reports of disturbances at Thoradins Wall. A group of Undead was slowly making its way from Hillsbrad into the Highlands. With most of her men dismissed for the night, she had little time to gather soldiers. Swiftly she wrote letters and sent away with message birds and gathered what few defenders Stromgrade could offer.

Thirty minutes later, she was stood with what Soldiers she had gathered, on the Stromgrade bridge, keeping eyes towards the ruined gates. The rain was pouring from the skies, but adrenaline from knowledge of the possible battle upcoming, shielded them from the cold.

”Be on your guard! Keep your eyes open for possible scouts! Let none pass under the bridge!”
Trollbane yelled. She recived further reports that they were not many, but still many enough to threaten her Highlands and home. And she had still to move the Artifacts. Those could not come to harm! It was her duty to guard them with her life.

”Forthis Faergas lon odes lars ewiddan ador lars ve Veld dana an ealdor.” was yelled not far from Stromgrade. They were closing up.
”Be ready for battle! Spare none!”

The first attack was over quickly, Trollbane using her surroundings for advantage, keeping her healers and arches on the bridge, while she and the other soldiers fought just under the bridge, preventing the Forsaken scum to pass. With no healers themselves, they eventually falled back and regrouped, licking their wounds.

”Commander, why are they attacking us?” one of the solders mumbled, as they once more stood gathered upon the bridge, facing the enemy again, whom now seemed to be more in numbers.
”I nay kno’, soldier. They are Forsaken.. Reason enough I’d say.”
Trollbane just managed to block a single arrow obviously aimed for her with her shield.
”Charge! Push them back! Chase them our of our lands!”

With bigger numbers, the Forsaken managed to hold the gates and push Trollbanes troops back into the city to regroup again. Her patience was growing short, and with no knowledge as of to why they were attacking her made her even more angry.

”Prince Liam..” She bowed, even though he was her relative. ”I shall need more troops to fully push them back and out of here..”
The Prince seemed restless, obviously also worried about not knowing why they were attacked.
”If you are sure you can hold the gate with the rest of our defenders, then alright. Gather them all. Make one last push forward and end this now.”
Saihna bowed again and went to gather what few other soldiers was to spare.

With the rest of Stromgrades defenders joining her small force, they eventually managed to chase the Forsaken group out and away from Stromgrade. They were victorious! Commander Saihnas first real battle she had been in command of, had been succesful. But worry still gripped her heart as of to why this had happend. If it would happen again, and in that case when. Time was growing short on her. She had to move the Artifacts soon. Very soon.

Ordering a few soldiers to stay guard by the gates during the night, Saihna retreated to the Prince again to discuss the battle. A few medics were ordered to check up on possibly wounded, but as the battle had been most succesful, the wounded were not many.

”Write a report about this assault, Saihna. And then go to Stormwind, bring it up with the Council on the next meeting. Whatever reason there was to the attack, they might come back, and in bigger numbers. We might be needing aid.”
Shortly after Saihna was on her way down South with her reports..
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