To be taught a lesson

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To be taught a lesson

Post  Valtor on Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:08 pm

"Let me down you old bastard!"
"I swear when I get down i'll.... i'll..."
".....You will what?"

He couldn't do a thing and he knew it. It didn't stop his temper from taking over his senses though.
Jerking his body back and forth he tried to free himself but it was hopeless! Swinging back and forth upside down tied by his ankles the tree groaned under Harlow's weight

"Keep it up Harlow..."
"If I'm lucky the branch will snap and you will break your neck" the mage began to cackle softly.
"You can't do this to me! let me down"
The mage extended his forefinger which immediately bust into flame.
Harlow shut his mouth...tightly
The flame came to within a few inches of his face , he closed his eyes now also and instinctively screwed up his face.

"You would do well not to anger me again Harlow"
Harlow didn't dare open his eyes, he could still feel the heat close to his face.
"You steal from me and then you wail like a child trying to avoid your punishment"
"You really are a sorry specimen ...why I even bother ..."
"Please.. please.. I'm sorry" Harlow whimpered eyes still tight shut.

The heat subsided and the purple warhorse standing by the tree neighed.
Slowly opening one eye Harlow could see the mage sitting atop the horse.
"You aren't going to leave me here?" Panic took him and he began jerking his body once more.
"Maybe Ill check on you in a week or two. Perhaps then your temper will have cooled"
"No! No! please!" sobbing the tears ran down his face in streams.

With a look of disgust the mage turned the horse and rode off.


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