Ripped to shreds

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Ripped to shreds

Post  Valtor on Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:32 pm

It burst into the middle of them, snarling and growling with a rage bordering on madness.
Tossing the four friends left and right it snarled as it eyed each one, glancing from one to the other greedily trying to decide which one it should clamp its jaws on first.

"...Valtor your staff" hissed Keltar
Valtor raised himself slowly on his elbow and glanced to his right where he saw the staff lying a good six to eight feet from his reach. It may as well have been a hundred feet.
"Typical and not a warrior amongst us" said Valtor in a hushed tone.
"Go fetch it for me theres a good chap Keltar"
The bear growled.

The four friends grinned, almost laughed in fact. Here they were about to be torn apart in the middle of Hillsbrad by a wild bear of all things, the absurdity of it ..even in the face of it.. was not lost on them.

The Bear shook its head back and forth as it snarled, exposing large piercing teeth.
It burst forward on all fours now determined to end the smiling face in front of it, to scatter the bones in a burst of fury, it headed straight for Keltar.

Valtor watched as the bear shook Keltar in its large jaws. It seemed to go on forever, though already Vermogen was upright and chanting.
Like some portly gent who tripped and fell in the street unable to right himself, Valtor lay and watched fixated as coins flew from pockets and tussled hair went one direction while limbs jerked in the other.

The bear had him by the midriff and shook furiously.

There was small snapping sound as Vermogen finished his chant. Keltar crashed to the grass in the most unceremonial fashion. The a sheep... bleated and began chewing on its next victim, a large tasty looking clump of dandelions.

Vermogen drew his dagger.
"Lets slit its throat and be on our way"
"Bloody son of a...why me?" Keltar did not look best amused, dusting himself down he began scambling around in the grass, hunting the glinting pieces liberated from his pockets.
The sheep bleated and looked timidly at Keltar.
"Yes lets put your new friend out of his misery" Valtor now reunited with his staff could not help but cackle.

"NO!" I want it to suffer! Keltar was fuming as he put his hat back on.
The four friends advanced....

With a start Valtor looked around, the bustle of the Undercity returned to his ears.
"Just as if it were yesterday..."
Satisfied no one was watching, he grinned slyly and continued towards the innkeeper.


Why? well was trawling through old screenies and this tickled my fancy

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