Artifacts for the taking

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Artifacts for the taking

Post  Favius Daark on Fri Sep 26, 2008 9:45 am

"I have been true to the faith" Favius thought to himself as his cold, yellow eyes turned skyward. The rain had not stopped for several hours, the footpaths that criss-crossed the Highlands had become slippery and treacherous, his already wrinkled skin had taken on a more puckered appearance as the rain soaked through his leather armor. "Tenacity" he whispered..

Favius' journey had taken him far across Azeroth, from the tranquil forest of Elwynn and the hamlet of Goldshire where he had overheard a drunken Paladin bragging to lithe serving wench. "Aye" The Paladin slurred as he leaned on the pretty young girl "Thats right.. The Disciples of Light.. Thats us.. Hic..Would you like to see my sword?" Favius grinned to himself as he watched the girl blush, "No?.. Pfft.. Your loss girl, i have better things to pursue than you.. You.. wench.. Get away from me.. I am a Paladin!! I have Respons.. Responsiblililys.. Indeed.. Yes. I have Artifacts to protect!"

Favius' curiosity had been awakened, he started gather as much information as he could without being detected, the hunt had begun.

A large build up of patrols and troop movements had been reported in and around the Southshore area, Favius shadowed the patrols for days before an opportunity presented itself in the form of a loan rider heading towards the Highlands. Favius caught up with the rider as he galloped across the bridge near Tarren Mill, a single arrow, perfectly flighted, hit the rider between the shoulderblades. The Human seemed to pull on his mounts reins making it falter, he slid slowly from his saddle, with one foot still in a stirrup he was dragged several yards before the horse finally came to a halt.

Favius dismounted from his undead steed and poked the human with the toe of his boot, satisfied that he was dead, Favius rifled his pockets.

"Hmm.. What do we have here?.. " Favius' dull yellow eyes shone for a moment as he looked at the sealed letter, "Why thank you my good man.." He said sarcasticly as he heaved himself back into his saddle and spurred his mount towards Tarren Mill.

Two days passed as Favius waited for the letter to be translated, Booty Bay never did agree with him.. Too many Trolls, but he knew, for the right amount of coin, there would be a Goblin here who could translate the text.

The translation had been somewhat limited at best, a few words here and there, Trollbane, Aarian Northlight, Shattrath, Guard Captain, Artifact, Safe transportation, Arathi Highlands and Stromgard. Favius was dissapointed with such little information and the Goblin never recieved any coin, however, something was mentioned about a Goblin in the missing persons section of the Booty Bay Gazzette.

Favius needed to seek aid, Shattrath City was completely out of his reach but he felt that he should follow every lead, so, he consulted the good Doctor Valtor for assistance, explained briefly why he needed his help and was granted a one way portal to the City. Upon entering the City, Favius felt nausious, was it the journey through the portal? or, the disgusting stench of the living as they intermingled with each other.. Alliance and Horde.. Favius likened it to a Circus.

The Trail had turned cold in Shattrath, so the next place would be Arathi. News had reached him of the unprovoked attack on The Blighted Crown by a far stronger force bursting forth from the old keep, wearing tabards of blue with a white light emblem, Favius instantly recognised the description as he remembered the brash and boastful Paladin in Elwynn.

Favius crouched low in a muddy waterlogged ditch as a small patrol on horseback came close to his position near the road, he grinned as they passed, blissfuly unaware of his presence.

"I have seen enough" He mutters under his breath as he backs away towards a rocky outcrop where his mount is hidden, he mounts up and pats the undead horse firmly on the side of the neck, "Quickly now you bag of bones.. We must report to the Lords.. They will surely be pleased with what information I have gleaned, perhaps.. I will get paid this month"

Favius spurs his mount forward and bursts forth from his hiding place in a spray of water and mud, as he heads towards Hammerfall and the Flight Master he cackles as he hears shouting behind him, the Humans, now alerted to his presence, raise the alarm and clamour about at the gates of Stromgard. Favius twists in his saddle and holds up two long boney fingers in the air gesturing towards the Guards and shouts, [Gutterspeak] "Come get me scum!!.. Soon you will be fighting with me.. The Blighted Crown will welcome you when life and the Light has abandoned you!!"

((To be continued IC))
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Re: Artifacts for the taking

Post  Nassulra Othlar on Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:39 pm

((Very Good story Favius! And congratulatons with your Promotion!))
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