Information found at the Docks of Theramore

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Information found at the Docks of Theramore

Post  Favius Daark on Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:40 pm

A combined force of Lightslayers, Wraiths and other members of The Blighted Crown have had great success in an attack on the Docks of Theramore, we are pleased to report that supply routes have been disrupted and most of warehouses containing supplies and arms have been destroyed, dealing a crippling blow to the Alliance operation in Kalimdor.

During the attack a Theramore Officer was discovered, by a high ranking Lightslayer, hiding in a barrel. The Lightslayer killed the coward and searched his body. The search produced some important information in form of a letter. The Lightslayer has since reported his findings to me. It seems an attack is planned, by a large force of combined Alliance races. The attack is going to be centered around the area of Tirisfal Glades and to continue through to our Zeppelin Towers at Brill, destruction of these towers would seriously hinder our efforts in Northrend and could have far worse stratigic implications for the Horde as a whole.

To meet this attack, we of The Blighted Crown, have mobilised all our available resources and are on high alert, however, we fear that our numbers are not great enough to deal with such an imposing threat, which, leads us to ask for the assistance of the Covenant.

The attack is planned for the 13th day of this month, although the time is uncertain, 20:00 to 21:00, our scouts will be positioned throughout the area from 19:30 onwards and will be able to raise the alarm as soon as the Alliance force is sighted.

No doubt the esteemed leaders of the Covenant will need to discuss this development before agreeing on a course of action, when you do, take into consideration the value our Zeppelin Towers hold to the Horde both as supply routes to Northrend and the ease of access between Orgrimmar and the Eastern Kingdoms.

High Executor Favius Daark
Lightslayer Commander
The Blighted Crown.

The letter is sealed with the emblem of the Blighted Crown

Remember the King
Honor our Queen
Praise the Blight
Favius Daark

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