Kicking off X-Faction RP

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Kicking off X-Faction RP

Post  Favius Daark on Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:06 am

(Posted on DB Forum.)

The Meeting had gone well, all were in agreement.. For once.

Favius bowed respectfuly before the assembled Priests and practitioners of The Cult of The Forgotten Shadow before leaving. Within hours of the meeting the lists had been written and distributed to all the Lightslayers of The Blighted Crown, lone Assassins and bounty hunters. A comprehensive list of names and descriptions of prime targets within the Alliance, Guild leaders, Officers, prominant leaders and people of office. Specific details of how to find them, where they frequent, who they are affiliated with and suggested times of Assassination. Each Lightslayer had been waiting in the Shadows for months, training and preparing for this day.

It had been deemed with the added threat of the Scourge that the Alliance would be severley weakened if certain key people within the Alliance Hierarchy went on the missing list, the confusion it would cause would create a diversion, allowing the Forsaken to further its agenda against the living, albeit directed only at the Alliance... For now.

OOC: Thought we could start a little X-Faction RP, watch your backs, you won't know you are selected for Assassination until it's to late. You can RP it however you like, severley injured, maimed or killed, its up to you. See you all sooner or later ...

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