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By the dim light coming off the Brill inn windows, a shrunk figure stood gazing at the passers by. Sin'Dorei... Too many Sin'dorei... What possible interest do they have in these lands?

He wrapped his shroud a bit tighter and started walking slowly south, not paying attention to the beaten path. A direct straight line, heading exactly where he wished it to. Plagued lands with a sick twisted new lifeform within them. He'd seen the picture so many times it no longer had an impact on him. The Light? There is no Light here. It had forsaken his formerly solid faith in it. And shadoweaving grew ever so strong in him.

As he entered the gates of the former glorious human capital, the kingdom of Terenas unfolded before his eyes. A new kingdom. A new destiny.

Slow steps still, past the stitched constructs, courtesy of the Royal Apothecary Society... Disgust and pity. Nothing else. As the elevator went down the shaft, one name echoed through his mind.

He grinned and walked around the buzzing canals of the Undercity. Sylvanas was on to something. Or at least... someone was. He could feel the activity in the air. Quick glances around. Everything as usual... yet all so different.

Isolated by the northern coast for months, researching, studying, developing his weaving... He was sure not a lot of people would recognize him. Not that he cared, in all truth. Only sought one. One with the power to play the rest like puppets. One with true power over elements. One that could make a difference.

Walking up to the Montagues, a bitter smile formed on his lips. At least he knew those would never change. He kept the book out of sight, hiding it in his backpack as soon as he came close enough. A question in a low voice. The banker shook her head.

Marrion nodded and walked towards the War Quarters, to meet up with Father Lazarus.

A small gathering caught his attention. The attendants looked up to the one speaking, with a twisted mixture of hope and hunger. He heard the voice... "We The Blighted Crown offer you the chance to partake of the forth coming deliverance, we seek the brave and the vengeful. We seek those still true to our people. We implore you to seize this chance or be swallowed in inevitable despair."

Despair... Fools... You know nothing of despair yet...

Marrion smirked beneath his cowl. "The Blighted Crown, hm"... he rubbed his chin. "I wonder who is behind this new puppet show. But first..." he let his voice fade, in caution. He needed to seek the Executioner.

Lots of things to be done.
[ooc]: Bleh, felt like writing a story. Not applying or anything, spending most of my time in the Nature's Grasp and becoming an officer last week doesn't help with reducing that, so I wouldn't be able to keep an active alt on Horde. Just... missed you guys and RPing with you. Sad


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