Caelus' application. ((Accepted))

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Caelus' application. ((Accepted))

Post  Caelus on Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:54 am

He withdrew his dagger from the corpse.
“A pity he didn’t regain his will, but it would have made my job a bit more difficult if he had.”
The rain soaked his clothes, while he sheathed his dagger he eyed the corpse of the mindless undead. As he looked at the hand of the corpse, he grinned.
“A silver ring.. Now, that must be of some worth. Maybe someone at the Sepulcher is interested in it.”
He put the ring in a small pouch that was hanging from his belt, after he had put it away he looked around, searching for more enemies to end.
“Hmm.. It’s becoming less favorable around here, I should sneak away before I’m spotted by a large group.”
As he sneaked away he sighed.
“I hoped to be able to end more in the name of the Dark Lady, but it’ll come.. Better to tear apart multiple enemies in a long period of time than tear apart one and be torn apart myself after ending just one.”

Moments later he hid behind a tree and opened his pouch, taking out of it some bolts, the silver ring and a few copper coins.
“Not much of a profit, but I served my Queen, that is most important. But still it feels lacking, one can do a bit of damage, but two can do much more”
He put the items back into his pouch, except for one copper coin which he started throwing up and down repeatedly.
“I could lend my services to them, I suppose I would be of much more use to the Dark Lady that way.”

He stopped playing with the coin and looked inside his pouch again, taking out two items
“Hmm.. A torn bit of paper, it isn’t much so I’ll have to keep it short. Ah, my old pen.”
He peered upwards and then put the paper on his leg.
“At least the leaves are keeping most of the rain away, now, time to write.”

“Best mister Raolin or whom else it may concern,
I heard from Exilius you were one of the leaders of an organization known as The Blighted Crown
Through this letter I would like to offer your organization my services, as you noticed the last time we met I am what one would call a rogue and thus skilled in spying and assassinating enemies of our Queen.

Victory for Sylvanas!

Caelus Zaras”

As he stopped writing he looked around him.
“Good, nobody has noticed me. Time to go to the Sepulcher and post it, and hopefully afterwards I’ll be able to sell that nice ring to someone.”

Well, where to start?
I'm 15 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I've been playing World of Warcraft for around 3 years now or so, in those 3 years I've spent one year on a roleplaying server, Defias Brotherhood.
Well, thanks to school when I can play and how long I can play can vary quite a bit.
Caelus is/was primarily an alt but as I've become a bit bored with my main so I seek to level Caelus to a higher level and RP more often with him.
Well, that's more or less what I wanted to tell, furthermore I'd like to say that I've read the guild rules and will comply with them.

Hopefully you enjoyed the story and thought it's up to your standards.


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Re: Caelus' application. ((Accepted))

Post  Krakus on Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:33 am

(( Accepted, i'll let Raolin interview you. Smile ))



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