Nargash Stürmshade ((Accepted))

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Nargash Stürmshade ((Accepted))

Post  Nargash on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:54 am

Addressed to the Blighted Crown

To my brothers and sisters.
My name would be Nargash Stürmshade, one of the Forsakend kin.
The reason why i write to you now is that i am in need of guidance, support... 'tis hard for a broken vessel to walk these sewers of the old Lordaeron by himself. Shortly written, i wish to join your cause, to join the blighted Crown. Hear me as i will tell something of myself.

As claimed, my Name is Nargash. I am a simple Forsakend being without any dreams or hopes of world domination, a world of riches, famine, slaughter or pestilence upon all... we got enough of them loonies already. My cause is simply my queen. There's not much i can tell about myself frankly. In the past i was once a part of a gathering known as The Old Lordaeron, one of thoose few that stayed true to his queen. Other then that there's not much else i can say about myself, wouldn't wish to bore you dead over a simple letter. Instead seek me out and meet me in person... And ofcourse i can usually be found within the vicinity of Undercity or the... Ruin that rests above.

My... thanks for taking your time in reading.
Nargash Stürmshade.


AIghty, hi there y'all. not much to say other then "yes i know... crappy Application", i know i suck at it... but im way better at RP in-game so to say. Been around for quite a while now on DB-server, about 2 years a think with a large number of alts [feel free to ask what alts in-game]. Short about me; name's Olle, live in Sweden, 25yrs of... lesser mature age. Good sense of humor, usually don't ask or tell people to F-word off or being an ass. Some of the blighted crown know of who i am, hope that goes for something. Would be fun playing in an undead-only guild again, missed the good old days with ToL.
Love to hear from y'all.
Cheers and merry x-mas.

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Re: Nargash Stürmshade ((Accepted))

Post  Gorthol on Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:53 pm

I've known this guy for quite awhile, he won't disappoint. king

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