Sangrial's application

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Sangrial's application

Post  Sangrial on Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:38 am

It was a beautiful day in a distant village in Azeroth. It was a small village, where everybody knew everybody. It was a very nice community, regardless of the size. A nice, little church was located in this village. The priest of this church was a man named Karlon. He was a very wise and kind man, whos greatest wish in life was to help as many as possible with as much as possible.

One day, a girl came to this distant village. She had traveled far, her clothes were all torn apart and she was starving. The villagers took her to the church to see the priest, where they gave her some food. She told him that she had left her home with her parents, but they both died during the trip. Feeling very sorry for the little girl, Karlon took her in and raised her as his own daughter. He named her Sangrial. She wanted to become a priest as well, helping people as much as she could.

Years went by, and Sangrial had already become very skilled in the arts of healing, a true follower of the Light. She had become a beautiful, young woman. She loved Karlon as if he was her own father, even though she knew he was not. And he loved her, as did the whole village. Everything seemed to be perfect. But one night, that was about to change...

She woke up from the sound of terrible screaming. She looked out her bedroom window. The village was on fire, and people were running around in the streets! She rushed downstairs. Karlon was standing by the altar with three armed men in front of him. She rushed to his side. When the men noticed her, they turned and looked at her. She let out a terrible scream. They were skeletons! When they approached her, Karlon ran in front of her. "Do not touch the child! Do whatever you want with me, just don't harm the girl. Please!" he begged. One of the skeletons raised his sword, and stabbed Karlon. He fell to the floor, and died. Sangrial started to cry. The skeleton man approacher her, and raised his sword. Sangrial felt an overwhelming anger. A dark aura started to appear around her, and when she raised her hand, the skeleton men was dead. What was this power? She would have to find out later.

She rushed outside the church. She was met by a terrible sight. Every villager was dead, and the whole skeleton warband was gathered just outside the church. She felt anger once again. She did not know what her new power was, but she used it to kill every single skeleton she saw. After that, she went inside the church, took Karlons corpse, and buried him outside. She wanted to bury the rest of the dead villagers as well. But when she turned around to get one, she saw a skeleton man lifting his bow, and shooting. The arrow pierced her heart, and she fell to the ground, dead.

When she could open her eyes, the first thing she saw was a skeleton man standing over her. She screamed, and raised her arms as if trying to protect herself. "Relax" the man said. "I am not your enemy. I know everything that happened to you and your village. We brought you here to give you an offer. We would like you to join the Forsaken. The undead that attacked your village is called the Scourge, led by the Lich King Arthas Menethil, former paladin and prince of Lordaeron. The Forsaken hate the Scourge, and everything related to it. If you feel anger and lust for vengeance in your heart, join us, we will help you achieve it. We all want revenge." Sangrial did not hesitate. She said "Okay, I will join you."

And so, Sangrial vowed revenge on the Scourge, the ones responsible for her beloved mentor, and all the other villagers' deaths. She wanted to use this power to achieve that goal.

I saw the post in the WoW forums about this guild, and it looks like a good initiative. I have been playing WoW for 3 years now, but never played RP. As such, I will have to learn everything. Some things i already know, like IC and OOC chatting. As you might already have guessed, Sangrial is the name of my character, and she is a shadow priest. It's newly started so not very high level yet. Though I am interested in learning RP so I will certainly spend some time here. Hope you will consider my application.


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Re: Sangrial's application

Post  Valtor on Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:55 am

Thank you Sangrial. We will contact you in game for an interview.

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