To kill the living..

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To kill the living..

Post  Favius Daark on Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:54 am

Favius kept to the shadows, the moon was high in the sky, casting shadows like long boney fingers ready to snatch at anyone foolish enough to wander alone this night, all was quiet in Lakeshire.

Two Guards ambled along the path from Elwynn, chatting to each other, Favius watched from his position behind some rocks. The Guards seemed to be carefree and a little drunk, laughing loudly at one another not aware of the danger they were in. The Guards did not see Favius as they past and he saw his opportunity to strike.

With a quickness that was not becoming of his frail body, he lept from his hiding place and quickly incapacitated one of the Guards with a sharp blow to the back of his neck. The second guard just kept walking, unaware of his Comrades plight, Favius smirked to himself as he sized up his victim. Favius was behind his target and driving a dagger into the Guards kidneys before he knew what hit him, a spray of blood, dark and thick, jetted from the Guardsmans back, Favius knew his dagger was true.

The Guard fell to his knees, the look of shock on his ashen face amused Favius as he looked down on the man, watching his life blood slowly seeping away. Favius kicked out sharpley towards the man's face, blood smeared his nose and cheeks as the impact rocked his head and knocked him backwards.

"To kill the living.. Is to walk the path of Ascension". Favius could hear Shadow Priest Sarvis' words in his head as he watched Guardsman die painfully.

The sound of groaning alerted Favius that the Guardsman he had knocked out was starting to regain conciousness, he lept towards him and pinned him to the ground. The Guardsman looked horrified as Favius looked into his eyes, his face so close he could smell the alcohol on his beard. "To kill.. " Favius started to say as he pressed the point of his dagger against the man's throat "The Living..", he pushes the blade into his throat, the Guardsman struggles but Favius has him firmly pinned down, blood sprays like a myst, forcing Favius to close his eyes at it sprays in his face, "Is to walk the path of Ascension..". Favius pulls the blade across the Guardsman's throat, slowly, the blood seeps from the wound, like water being poured from a glass as Favius stands and smears the blood from his face, he grins as the dying Guardsman tries to say something, "Gurgle .. Gurgle . What my good man?" Favius asks, smirking at the man as he dies, "I shall be the last thing you will ever see.." He spits on the Guardsman and laughs quietly before returning to the shadow, waiting for another opportunity to walk the path of Ascension.
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