Bloodmyth's Application ((Accepted))

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Bloodmyth's Application ((Accepted))

Post  Bloodmyth on Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:14 pm

It feels such a distant memory of his Human life, he was a happy man, a successful merchant considering his young age, he had a beautiful young wife and a grand home, although he didn’t have any friends as such he was well respected in his town.

One evening after leaving his lockup and heading through the streets towards home he came across two figures, seemingly busy in their own conversations, walking past he felt a burning sensation across his ribs, looking down he could see blood seeping through his shirt and as he took another step he collapsed to the ground, his senses rapidly becoming dull.

Valain tried to move his head, his arms then his legs, nothing, he felt completely numb, he struggled to open his eyes, he could see faint light coming through some material and he could hear the creaking of wheels so presumed he was on some sort of cart, two men were having a conversation, slightly muffled but he could just make out their words

“I don’t know why we have to bury him so far from Town, I don’t like travelling this far” one said “Salesta is paying us well for this remember” another said in a gruff voice.

Salesta! His wife, his beautiful wife, it couldn’t be, it just couldn’t, If he could scream he would have.

“Poor man never had a clue did he” the first man said, “I think the whole town knew of her exploits with those men, Baker, Butcher, Miner even that Tailor who we all thought had a different preference if you know what I mean” They both laughed after saying that.

Valain could feel unconsciousness coming back to him again, and he happily let it happen, the will to struggle, to live gone.

Coughing, feeling like he was choking Valain struggled out of his shallow grave, confused he looked all around him, it seemed others had risen from their supposedly eternal sleep, across from him someone else was struggling to stand, he was unsure what to do, couldn’t think clearly then a large mailed glove grabbed his shoulder turning him, “you are recruited my friend” followed by an unhealthy sounding laugh....

The next thing Vlain remembered was being free and running with hundreds of other undead, who where chearing and shouting things about a Sylvanas who had freed them, everything after the attack on him was not quite forgotten, but it was like searching for a pin in the fog, he knew it was there but he couldn’t quite see it, only one memory stayed strong in his mind, that of the betrayal, Human kind and their alliance with the races would pay dearly for all that he had lost! One thing remained his name, he would no longer think of himself as Valain the weak Merchant, but now as Bloodmyth the executioner!

OOC, I would very much like to join the Guild, I think it will become very popular with time, the Vid btw was just awesome! I watched it after reading your Guild info on the forums! I'm fairly new to roleplaying but not WoW, and I often thought of playing on a roleplay server, scanning the forums I came across this and was very impressed, so created an Undead Mage and reached level 26 before applying, I play a fair amount, and mainly after work for 2-3 hours, then back late night for a few more hours!

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Re: Bloodmyth's Application ((Accepted))

Post  Valtor on Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:14 pm

Hi Bloodmyth, and thank you for the application.
We will contact you in game for an interview.

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