Rumours of The Sewers.

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Rumours of The Sewers.

Post  Toad on Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:28 am

Deep within The Ruins of Lordaeron, spreading the most elaborate web of tunnels and complicated dens as if they were made by a relatively large critter, Keeper Toad's Kingdom is situated.

Be it a quarter, a corridor, a ceiling, a canal or the most secretive Apothecarium basement - The Kingdom has it's elusive, but tight grip around it. Most of the "gripped", or The Watched (the name given by Keeper Toad himself, to those who do not have a slightest clue about the real state of things) might probably never discover a tiny gap between the stones of which walls are made. A gap just enough for a pair of silent eyes and ears to watch and listen from safety.

A few old citizens might heard the rumours about a group of outcasts who stepped down into the dark sewerage of Lordaeron, back to the days when Curse of Undeath was hardly imaginable by a regular humans society. Nobody has heard of them since then, not the living ones. They were considered to be long dead, probably of starvation and lack of air. But that appeared to be a wrong presumption.
The canalization became their home. And when the Curse of Undeath knocked the door of that home, they were the ones to open it. And embrace it.

The Sewers have changed the minds, appearances and lifestyles of those people, the Undeath has given them untold opportunities in the business they were into for all these years. But they were quietly watching and listening, gathering the priceless of all jewels - information.

And now, the old patterns shall be revived once again.


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Re: Rumours of The Sewers.

Post  Valtor on Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:33 am

Valtor raised an eyebrow, the thing that sat in his palm dripped with the green slime. Whoever had sent it either didn't have time to clean it or just did not care. It was old and cracked and it smelt.

He held the skull level with his own face and sniffed. "I wonder if Toad is missing any of his companions..."


Welcome to our home Toad, I hope we will see more snippets of Sewer life Very Happy

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