Application: Dalithia Sarkesh (Undead Rogue) (( Accepted))

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Application: Dalithia Sarkesh (Undead Rogue) (( Accepted))

Post  Dalithia on Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:21 pm

A pale moon shone down on an ancient forest. A shadow darted from to tree to tree, without making any sound. The shadow stopped at the edge of a clearing and looked up at the walls of the castle dominating it. In the blink of an eye the shadow dashed across the clearing to the base of the wall and without hesitation, scaled the wall as if it were nothing. The shadow moved more to the left to partially scale the tower too, but she jumped off, landing in between of two guards. Dalithia smiled as she yanked the poisoned knifes from the spines of the guards, who curiously enough made no sounds at all. She nodded in approval and flicked a switch attacked to her gloves and immediately two needles retracted back into the leather around both her index fingers. She jumped and with a backward salto, landed in the courtyard behind the walls. She took a few steps back and disappeared into the shadows.

The silence that lay over the castle was rudely broken as an explosion tore open the northern part of the castle's keep. Whole sections of wall were blown outward, across the clearing and some even into the forest. Dalithia ducked as some of the rubble flew past and grinned confidently. "Seaforium, always the best choice", she whispered to herself. She unslung her rifle, checked the scope and crouched. She put on her goggles and switched it to nightvision and took aim. A sort of "slith" was all the sound the rifle made each time it was fired. Three guards fell from the battlements, their heads pierced by a bullet. She nodded and fixed her rifle to the holster on her back. With the goggles still on nightvision she shot forward across the courtyard and to where the explosion had destroyed a part of the northern wall. She hopped over some of the pieces of wall and waited for a few seconds in the shadow of the wall itself. Then she dashed back across the clearing and into the forest. The guards had a little too much on their mind to notice her.

Slowly, but surely, the memory began to fade. Dalithia opened her eyes and found herself sprawled on a cold stone floor. She stood up and immediately noticed her diseased body. She stared at it for a few moments, completely silent and with a curious look in her eyes. Though she had never wished for something like this, she somehow gathered this new "form" offered her more possibilities than her previous, "fleshy one". She shook any doubts about it all by stepping forward and ascending the stairs, leading out of the tomb she was in. As she stepped into the light of a new day, she nodded in approval. She'd have all the time in the world for her Engineering, the testing of her inventions and the all the shady stuff she had come to rely on.

Hi! My name is Steven and I'm from Holland. I'm 20 years old and studying to became an officer on merchant ships (the sea-going and transatlantic ones). I'm chaotic by nature, thus Dalithia will be no different, but I'm consistent with it so it's not just whatever I happen to like at a moment. I heard about your guild from a friend, Lathemas, or at least, the guy who rolled him [He's in my class you see, studying to become the same Wink], I'd really like to join you guys 'cause from what I've heard yer a friendly lot. I've always played on the Argent Dawn RP Server since the day WoW first came out, so I think I qualify as a RP-er. I started a char on this serves cus AD has become a little boring and I wanted something new. I read the rules and I gathered you're pretty strict on who to accept and who not to accept, so that makes for good RP, don't it? ^_^ I just hope I can be a part of it too.


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Re: Application: Dalithia Sarkesh (Undead Rogue) (( Accepted))

Post  Favius Daark on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:04 am

*Rubs hands together and grins*

Contact me in-game for a quick IC interview.. The Lightslayers beckon my friend..

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