Frozen Lake..

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Frozen Lake..

Post  Vinston on Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:26 am

The night was dark, gloomy wind pushed the branches of dead trees towards the road of many travelers. At this hour of the Queen, the road should be empty.. But the land was invaded by the living.. Carrying the banner of a war band. Oh how they looked.. Excited of the coming great battle where they were heading.. It was not their time to fight great wars.. It was their time to die to that road. Road from Silverpine to.. Tirisfal Glades.. How someone of them saw the lake frozen slowly under his feet’s, how moonlight reveals the ebon black armor weapons were drawn, fingers moved to the pouches to grab the items for magic.
“What is that thing!” young man Peters Swanyell shouted. “A Death Knight! Servant of Scourge! “ Old Mage Marthur Mavern shouted taking a tighter hold of his pinewood staff, I heard how they spoke to each other in fear and in mad courage.. Me the only survivor.. William Vane.. Listen my story of the massacre..” coughing “Where was I.. oh Yes the dark knight walked toward us from the water, like he had no rush to attack us, looked like he had all the time in the world.. Many started to hesitate in the lights of lanterns and torches. Until the captain spoke to us.

“Listen me men’ it is a monster! Only a monster we have killed many of them before, take your weapons! show your courage! Be the men’ of the alliance! We are not here to die for the scourge, We are here to make sure out wife’ and children’s at our homes are safe! From these monsters cannibals! Fiends! wield your courage make it a weapon against the fears! For the Allia-“

And then they all saw how the captain flied towards the Death Knight unnaturally like he would have been pulled, I have seen magic in my life but, the land died under him! Like the captain was cut in half during his flight , painting the ebon black armor red of captains blood for a moment.. Dripping down like tears.. Fear shrouded us.. At the same time when the moon went hiding behind the clouds.. Like it would know what happens next, and don’t want to see it…

Greing Swordmind attacked first.. To avenge our captain, he was cut down after his first swing.. The Knight was like a machine of those gnomes in Iron Forge!.. Operated by single cause! He walked towards us, leaving anyone alive.. My friends.. He killed my friends.. I think he was a man.. He looked like it.. Old Mage Mavern.. He fighted bravely.. Or he at least tried starting to chant and then words disappeared from his mouth, starting to cough like he would choke when the Knight walked towards him.. I can’ remember the look on his face when.. His own Staff was impaled trough him, nailing him to the tree over there.
One by one my friends died..road and grass around it turned to red river of blood where the Knight walked.. And when he was done.. He stopped. I heard speaking.. At least I think it was like army of maggots.. Only thing I understand was the name.. “Vinston” nothing else.. And funny thing is I remember a Vinston.. Old man Vinston Manfest he was a good soldier.. A real Captain who always looked after his owns and teached them.. I heard he died during the coming of Arthas.. Was there something you wanted to know?

“No, you can go back to your rest young Maverian. Thank you for this. I am sorry to disturb your rest. “
Old man walked away from bones what were scattered after the worgs. wiping his eye. “So many good man lost to their hunger of glory.. I hope they felt a bit of fear and understanding at the moment of their death.
..Forsakens have Death Knights who act like ghosts of Avenge..Fear has returned to Southshore again.. What if the ghosts walk from the water to our Village.. I must tell this to our mayor…He needs to kno- Oh I hate cold winds..

Well Im not the best writer but I love to write so heres one of a story!


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