Ice Cold in Northrend

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Ice Cold in Northrend

Post  Favius Daark on Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:55 am

"Finally".... Favius' frustration was apparent as he patted large clumps of snow from his person, he looked up at a tall snow capped mountain and then down again to a deep hole that had been his icy tomb for the last few days. He could remember hearing someone shouting.. "Avala...." When he turned to see what all the shouting was about.. It was too late. His already boney fingers where now completely stripped of any flesh that may have been left on them from the constant clawing at the Icy snow, at one point he had wondered to himself if he was actually going in the right direction as he tunneled his way out.

Favius looked deeper into the hole, he could see his snowshoes at the bottom. "Why is nothing -ever- easy?" he grumbled to himself as he realised how difficult it would be to walk through deep snow without snowshoes. He sat down at the edge of the hole and rummaged through his now tattered backpack and produced a map and a compass, he checked the compass against his map and used the mountain as a reference point, "Venomspite.. Can't be no more than a few hours away.. " he thought to himself, "bad weather is on its way.. I must hurry."

Favius folded the map and put it into his backpack, his Compass was popped into a pocket, the sound of heavy Horse startled him and he spun round in the direction it was coming from, he could make out two black riders in the distance, silouhetted against the stark white of the gently falling snow. "Death Knights".. He cursed and instinctivley crouched close to the ground. Realising he was still exposed, Favius jumped back into the hole from which he had climbed from only moments before, he slid and bumped his way to the bottom and ended up sprawled face first next to his snowshoes.

Favius waited patiently for a few moments as the sound of the riders faded into the distance, he stood slowly, cracking and creaking as he rolled his hips, shoulders and neck, putting dislocated bones back into place. Patting the snow from his person.. Again.. He looks up at the opening of the hole, he sighs and shakes his head at the thought of climbing out again, "Well, could be worse.. " he pondered, "at least, now I have my snowshoes..."

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