Nickala Dawnweaver. ((ACCEPTED))

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Nickala Dawnweaver. ((ACCEPTED))

Post  Nickala on Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:26 am

The eyes. It was always the eyes of the fish that intrested her. Always white with a black dot in them. Why not yellow or red? Nickala screwed up her face in thought, her brain barely understanding the question let alone being able to find the answer to it. So much things had happened lately, she had travelled so far and back again, but in the end there wasn't really anything of worth in the lands she'd travelled too. Nothing of worth to Nickala though.

She visited Silvermoon, as of late she had heard of some organisation that was of some interest to her, she persued the information untill she heard the name "Valtor". Her eyes lit up. "D-Doctor.. f-friend.. " she whimpered and set off again, in her quest to find friends, and hopefully some kind of happyness.

Hello. I used to be in the Old lordaeron before it disbanded (as does most of this guild. Heh.) and im delighted ive finally found some Forsaken Roleplay, before i coudnt which is the main reason i stopped Roleplaying Nickala.

Nickala is a level 70 Rogue.
Im currently at high school, so i may not be active that much, also there has been alot happening in real life so please bare that in mind.


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Re: Nickala Dawnweaver. ((ACCEPTED))

Post  Valtor on Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:12 am

Thank you for the application Nickala, we will contact you in game soon (*tm).

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