Application of Temakh (( Accepted ))

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Application of Temakh (( Accepted ))

Post  Temakh on Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:29 pm

You can always trust a Paladin to become a slave to his passions.

Watching the human slowly blink his way back into consciousness, Temakh rose and let silence reign for a while before the human gazed into the sockets that once held eyes. Demon Fire had long since melted the remnants of those fleshly orbs and scorched the sockets and skin around them.
Enjoying the moment, watching as fear crawled with spider's limbs across the human's brain, he slowly drew into the moonlight so that his captive would be able to see him.

The human's poor attempts to recoil from him was hardly something he was unaccustomed to. For any number of reasons, beings of almost all races had recoiled from him in such a manner at least once.
Perhaps it was the blue skin pulled taught over his bones, or perhaps it was the fact that in some places, the bones had torn through the flesh altogether and now shone with an oily sheen under the moon's pale light.
Mostly likely, however, was that they abhorred the tattered vestiges of his throat, exposing his very clear lack of lower jaw and partially severed tongue which hung from the wound which oozed with congealing blood and bubbled in his throat.
It all serves my purpose however... one thing those foul humans have done right at least.

Slowly, he drew upon the dark magics that kept him bound to this world and he spoke. His actual voice seemed disembodied from him and seemed to echo from the depths of his very essence and underneath, in gutteral tones, rasped a voice that spoke human. The room grew much colder, the stone floor upon which the human lay leeched heat from his body, and the air semeed to bristle with energy as he spoke.
"Always I find you humans fall for base lusts. Specially those who work for the light."

Temakh stared hard at the terrified man for a moment.
"Do you think it shines so brightly that it will blind others to your hypocrisy?"

With a gesture from his clawed hand, a beautiful woman, seated on a bed far in the corner of the destroyed room, stood and wandered cloven-hoofed towards him. She settled just behind his left shoulder where she caressed his decaying flesh tenderly... almost begging for Temakh's approval.
Betola had done her work. She had masterfully seduced the Paladin and gotten him to reveal the information Temakh had desired before indulging in her own pleasures with the man.

"Betola informs me you were most forthcoming, and were it not for your brief interlude with her, I would hardly belive what I had read in your journal..."
The human's face paled in a mixture of guilt and fear. Temakh felt stronger at the sight and pushed foward his sadistic tirade.
"... Scarlet Crusaders fraternising with Demons in order to gain their aid in destroying the 'Forsaken Deluge'?"

Temakh drew close enough for the human to smell the cloying scent of his bleeding wound and the fetid stench of death that surrounded him, all heightened by the faint whiff of sulphur that hung about him. The human vomited and Temakh let out a low, cruel laugh.
"Fear not Paladin... I can cleanse you of your impurity. I hold salvation..."

The human echo in Temakh's voice vanished as he uttered a flurry of vile curses in gutterspeak. His body suddenly wracked with pain as burst after burst of Agony shot across him like invisible lightning. His screams soon drowned out Temakh's foul demonic howling as the pain became unbearable.
A bolt of blue shot from the taloned hand of the Forsaken Warlock and beneath the pain, the Paladin could feel his very soul being compressed, tearing loose of the fetters that bound him to his body and then imprisonment and despair.

Temakh ignored the post-mortem twitches and jerks in the corpse to look at the soul shard that had formed in his palm. Focusing hard upon it, he pushed past the veil that separated the planes and was welcomes by the voices he had become so familiar with since his rather dubious rebirth. The Paladin's mournful dirge joined countless others now bound in servitude to Temakh. But he was listening to one voice in particular, and she now spoke to him clear as if she were stood before him.
"Move, Temakh. Move to where lines cross and numbers reveal all. The Apprentice makes new allies and slips from your grasp... Do not let her escape from your Thrall to the allure of another."

Reverting back to the blessed silence of the material plane, he looked through the ribs of the torn ceiling to the sky, where a Zeppelin to Orgrimmar drew close to the skyport. Taking up his satchel with now held the journal in which the Paladin had stored valuable information about the Scarlet Crusade and a stolen item from his caravan; a Grimoire of demonic rites, Temakh barked a command to Betola, his succubus and then looked once more to the sky.
"Come my dear... a new prize awaits..."

Months later...

The fires had died down and Temakh, alone and silent, gazed at the cross cut into his arm. Standing on the brink of an epic shift in power, he took his time to consdier his next move. His aims to gain dominance over his elusive prey had led him down many strange paths... with the acrid stink of burning flesh rising from the fires lit by the former ruler of the sixty thieves, he began to realise that he had gone about his methods all wrong. Even the countless voices of the souls entombs in his shards has ceased to speak to him, months he had spent trying to corrupt and enslave a target whose corruption was complete in a totally different manner.

To what ends, then, do I direct my focus now?

Over and over, he replayed in his head every move... every gambit. He had been fool enough to let his quarry claim his stronger leverage against her... the soul shard containing her mother's spirit. Of course, the foolish creature would never hear her mother's voice... never without his aid... but it appeared she had long lost the need of such comforts.

For days afterwards, Temakh wandered Azeroth, planning his next move, his next step towards exerting more evidence of his freedom from the binds of others. In the throes of countless beasts and mortals, Temakh began to find a new reason... a new fire burning within him as strong as those baleful fires within his soul burned from a new fuel... and out in the wilds he stood, staring into the lifeless eyes of his latest victim. The Scarlet Crusade had foolishly attempted to engage him thinking to take his mauled skull as a trophy. They paid for their folly with agony and he savoured their final humiliations, each face... each pair of lifeless eyes now being torn from their skulls by the crows showed quite clearly the source of his new energy...
Fear. Corruption was never going to be enough... not with that Blood Elf you chased after, she was too willful. As with any living thing... Fear is the tool to break them with... and once broken Temakh... you can do with them as you will...

The atrophied muscles tightened across his cheekbones, lifting the tattered skin up along his ruined face, making the horror of his missing jaw more pronounced. He was smiling, although it would be impossible to tell. A humourless smile of grim intent and dark revelation. During those days he spent wandering, he caught faint whispers from the stolen souls he enslaved, which each new sacrifice to summon a minion, with each new soul shard created and spent, he heard about a band of Forsaken, nameless... but feared. If Forsaken were gathering... and they weilded such reputation, then his place was surely in amongst this new force.
The time has come. I have been away from my own people and the halls of Undercity for too long.

He looked down at his arm... at the cross that had been carved there... and hatred filled him, causing the fires in his eyes to grow, searing the empty sockets of his eyes. He raised a taloned hand and slowly, he dragged them deep into his flesh, tearing from his bones the withered flesh that bore the mark of yet another group who had tried to ensnare him in servitude. Staring at the flesh, he forces it into a jar in his satchel... then looks up to the sky, pitted with stars in the twilight.
The Felshadow of Azeroth will return this night... and with his bretheren... he shall be feared. Let the people of this pitiful world quake in fear, for I shall bring to them devastation the like of which not even the scourge could rival...

Rearing back his head... the whole forest vibrated with his hatred the air was thick with energy, almost crackling as the souls trapped within the gems in his pouch howled. His hatred inspiring fear in some souls and unnatural pain in others... clenching his fists he bellowed like a banshee into the night sky, causing the black crows to scatter and whirl above him as he shouted.


Temakh Soulshadow, the Felshadow of Azeroth. Level 32 Forsaken Warlock, Demonology Primary and Affliction Secondary.

In his mortal life, Temakh was a Paladin who was very trusting of the notion of serving the light and being honourable. During a routine patrol through his local human village, Temakh's team of apprentice paladins happened across a young lady who had been suspected of Horde sympathies. Temakh insisted on bringing her in unharmed for trial, but his fellows branded his actions as sedition and slew him, hacking away his lower jaw and cutting out his 'traitorous' tongue.
Temakh had however, been in contact with the plage and was in the early stages of infection. His untimely death was far enough along in the infection to enslave him into the Scourge. He was very nearly destroyed then also... but for some reason, he was left lingering between final death and the mockery of an existence he was currently enduring.
In the time before his rebirth, Temakh was plagued by his betrayal and the fact that the light had apparently turned its back upon him. Swearing to return and wreak revenge, he made pacts with various demons to return him to his defiled corpse. In his return he threw off his Human name and completely renounced any last ties between himself and the life he had once known.
Over time, he broke his bonds of servitude to the demons and in one more act of defiance, sought out the power to bind them to his will. An interesting side effect being that with the expenditure of energy, he found himself able to have limited one-way communion with the souls of the dead that he encounters or enslaves. Their words are often insane ramblings or muffled whispers, save for the voice of one female who he feels some tie to from his mortal life, but she is rarely forthcoming with information.
He joined the Sixty Thieves upon the whispers of this female spirit... seeking out a particular young Blood Elf. He forsook his name, taking up the nickname of Maw. His plans were to corrupt her and enslave her will to his, making her an apprentice and agent who would act upon whatever plans he might have. But the young blood elf proved willful and eventually he lost his ability to ensnare her. The whole time in that guild, Temakh waited for opportunities to claim power, to ensnare others, taking great pleasure in manipulating the other members... but he never really fit in, and so he took off, wandering Azeroth, plotting his next move.
So now his attention is turned back where it should be... his revenge. The Sixty Thieves were nothing but a stepping stone to a minor achievement. With that goal lost, Temakh has reclaimed his true identity and heads towards Undercity, intent upon taking his rightful place amongst his peers in the ranks of the Forsaken.
He certainly has an agenda, but his aims are clear only to him. None can be sure if they are being manipulated by him for his own sadistic gains.

OK, so, enough about the character, what about the player?
I've been a long-time RPer (12 years) in The World Of Darkness (V:TM, G:FA, D:TF, W:TA, M:TA, H:TR, M:TR) and am not new to various RP online in Yahoo chatrooms having played various characters both original and famous (Hannibal Lector, Lestat De Lioncourt). I love RP and am not one to shie away from dark materials. I have also spent a long time in those years engaged in LARP as well, enjoying the intrigues and twists that can come as a result of never knowing or being able to read into a person's words long enough to anticipate their next move.
Been in Defias the whole time I've played WoW. Used to play Blood Elf Hunter, but found my true calling as a Forsaken. Have been looking for an RP guild, and although I Joined the Sixty Thieves, it felt uncomfortable from the start. The players were wonderful, but Temakh's character was just too different to the aims of the guild. It is not lightly that I make the plan to apply to The Blighted Crown, but after a long time considering my character, where I want to take him, and just how in character it would be to keep him where he is, it makes perfect sense for Roleplay to have Temakh abandon a guild he never truly felt any fealty to and move into one where he would be most at home.
Dedicated Role Player and definitely keen on deep, engaging and story-driven plots. I'm not one for superficiality and will always be drawn to something epic in terms of stories.

Thanks for your time!


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Re: Application of Temakh (( Accepted ))

Post  Favius Daark on Fri Nov 14, 2008 4:33 am

Now -That- was a good read! It gripped me from the first line, very well written Smile

Now that WotLK is here I think most of us are trying out the DK, however, please contact either myself, Valtor, Raolin, Krakus or Elidia for an in-game interview (Any excuse for RP ;p). I will add you to friends list in case I'm on my DK and I will keep an eye out for you.

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Re: Application of Temakh (( Accepted ))

Post  Krakus on Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:53 pm




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Re: Application of Temakh (( Accepted ))

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