One Of Lathemas His Contracts

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One Of Lathemas His Contracts

Post  Lathemas on Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:02 pm

Well this is my first story so dont be to harsh on me ^^ im already working on a second story so tell me if i need to keep up the good work Razz , well i hope you will all enjoy it.
Have fun!


‘’Lathemas and some other rogues beside him had a mission, a mission that wasn’t easy at all, they needed to assassinate a highly protected Mage somewhere in the lands of the Alliance’’

The cold chilling night made Lathemas move quicker than ever, the other rogues beside him didn’t like the cold at all, well Lathemas was always different then the other rogue’s. he got separated from the others when he was just a student in the learning for the rogue society, they saw something in him he didn’t know. Lathemas focused his mind on the mission as they ran quickly through the streets of the city where the Mage his house was standing they suddenly heard voices. Lathemas and another rogue jumped back into a alley the other rogues weren’t that fast and got spotted, ‘’Hey! Look, Forsaken on our ground, call reinforcements now! And tell the Arch Mage he needs to leave they are probably coming for him’’. Lathemas looked down the road from his hiding place and saw one man running into town the other pulled his sword and came into their direction. Lathemas slapped himself in the face, damned we should not have run in the town they could have heard us at any moment, we needed to be quiet, well it was too late for that….

Lathemas quickly began to make a plan he turned his head to the other rogue who was sitting next to him he whispered to him ‘We can’t let this contract fail there is too much at stake’’. The rogue nodded and he was shaking, this was probably the first time he ever saw a battle, he didn’t look that experienced in how to slay a moving target. The rogue said with a shaking voice ‘’I know but what are we going to do about it?’’ Lathemas was searching his blurred mind and came to a conclusion, well he needed to take down the alerted guardsman that was running into the town to warn the mage. Lathemas told the rogue ‘’Okay I got it, this may sound like the easiest solution, we need to take out that guardsman that’s running into the town but I need you to cover for me , take down the guard that is coming our way make sure he doesn’t see me so I can sneak by to catch the other one’’ the rogue nodded and said ‘’I will do my best to take him down with the other rogues’’ Lathemas looked at him nodded and said ‘’Lets meet at the city town hall before we enter the building to get the arch mage ’.’ The rogue stood up and it looked like he was about to collapse at any moment but he drew his sword and joined the other rogue’s in the battle against the now incoming reinforcements. As Lathemas watched them running towards each other he became one with the shadows to chase the other guardsman.

‘’I need the be fast’’ thought Lathemas while he was running down the road in the direction the guardsman ran. ‘’Maybe I can still catch him, then the mage won’t be alerted’’ said Lathemas to himself while he was thinking about a way to stop the guardsman from reaching the town hall. He took a right into the direction of a big clock standing in the middle of the town, usually the town hall should be near there. He was full of adrenaline he did not want to fail this mission even if it would cost him his life, death is better than failure. He saw something in the corner of his left eye and almost fell when he turned his head to look what it was, it was the guardsman running on the other side of a side road in the town. He saw him taking a right turn, Lathemas made a run for it trying to catch up with the man. He came to the end of the side road and looked into the direction the guard went, he saw him and ran after him, now the guard looked over his shoulder, Lathemas could see his eyes there was fear in them, Lathemas did not stop and kept running towards the guard, the guard saw him catching up and thought his best chance was to fight the rogue. Lathemas got near the guard and saw him pulling his longsword it looked enchanted because it had a faintly blue glow around it but that didn’t stop Lathemas, he slowed his pace and kept looking at the guard. While he was looking at him he pulled his two one-handed swords from their sheaths and stayed a few feet from the guard to keep out of the longsword’s range. The guard made a step forward and swung his sword downwards at Lathemas, Lathemas quickly put up his left blade to stop the longsword from coming down and felt the strength of the guard pushing his arm down, at that moment Lathemas made a step forward and swung his right blade towards the guard’s leg, his blade struck the leg with a hard blow and you could see blood coming from his leg. The guard held his breath and hit Lathemas in the face with his free hand, Lathemas didn’t see the punch coming and he felt his nose break from the force of the guards hand, Lathemas did some steps backward dropping one blade and holding his free hand to his face, when he looked up he saw that the guard had lifted his sword again and was just about the swing it from the side towards Lathemas’s chest, Lathemas didn’t think and jumped backward he felt that the blade scrape his skin, he wasn’t fast enough and he got sliced by the sword and fell to the ground. While lying on the ground it looked like the world was going in slow-motion he looked up and saw the guard slowly bringing his sword back ready for a next swing, Lathemas did his best to avoid any more hits from the sword so he moved as quick as he could to roll to the left, he saw the guard’s sword hitting the stone ground and at that moment Lathemas jumped up ignoring his pain and swinging his sword as hard as he could toward the neck of the guard, while weakened Lathemas his blade hit the neck but didn’t get very deep but it got deep enough to do some damage that would disable the guard. At that moment the guard dropped to his knees and let his sword slip out of his hand putting his hand to his neck, gasping for air, Lathemas dropped his sword and fell down from exhaustion of his last blow that had taken most of his strength. Catching his breath he saw the guard still sitting on his knees, taking as much air in as he could, it was most likely this guard wouldn’t be a problem anymore and would die from his bad looking wound. Lathemas was still sitting on the ground to gain control of his breath he heard swords clanging together. There was a fight going on not far from here. Lathemas forced himself up from the ground and grabbed up his blade that was lying in a pool of blood that came from the guard, putting his blades back in the sheaths he started to walk in the direction of where the sound came from, he came to the end of the street and looked to the right and saw the town hall there was light coming from inside. He turned his head to the left and saw a shadowy figure fighting with an armored guard, As he came closer to the shadowy figure, it came to his mind that it was the rogue that jumped with him in the alley. As quick as Lathemas could, he ran towards the rogue and the guard, when he came close he saw that the rogue was wounded pretty bad, he had bloodstains on his armor and there was blood on his hands and face, maybe it didn’t come from him but it still looked bad enough. The guard who was well armored didn’t look like he was hurt but you could see he was tired from the fight as he couldn’t keep the sword straight up anymore. Lathemas was now ten feet from the fight and he kept his swords sheathed. When he came near enough he smacked the guard against his head. The guard immediately dropped his sword and Lathemas grabbed the guard by the arms while doing so the other rogue sliced the throat of the guard spilling blood over the ground. Lathemas let the arms of the guard go and the guard immediately fell to the ground, there was a pool of blood forming underneath him. Lathemas finally could take an easy breath and looked at his fellow rogue who wasn’t shaking or shivering anymore. The bloodlust in his eye’s showed that he didn’t feel the emotional troubles normal people get if they kill another human. The rogue looked down at his victim and the gazed to Lathemas and said ‘’The other’s are dead I am the only one left’’. Lathemas was looking at the dead body on the ground he turned his gaze towards the rogue and said with a shrill voice ‘’I thought I was the only one left to finish the job’’. Lathemas looked at the rogue and he was about to say something but then his eye’s went wide and pointed behind Lathemas, Lathemas turned around and saw the guard he was fighting before walking slowly towards the town hall dragging his leg that Lathemas had struck with his sword. The guard was already near the town hall.. Lathemas looked to the ground is despair because he could never stop the guard from alerting the mage now, and he somehow wished that he could stand behind the guard and silence him forever. At that moment the shadows around him began to move and swirl around, he looked to the ground beneath him and it felt like the shadows were trying to pull him into the ground, Lathemas looked up and gazed into the shadow wall now forming around him, he saw light coming from the shadow wall in front of him and it looked like the lights that came from the town hall he didn’t hesitate and stepped forward into the shadowy swirl and somehow was instantly behind the guard. He didn’t know how it happened but he didn’t care at this point, the guard just caught his breath to say something when Lathemas pulled his sword and drove it trough his heart. All of this happened in a matter of a second, the blood splattered from the guard in a forward spray into the town hall’s doorway. Lathemas now had some time to get his mind together and was thinking how this all happened ‘’Did I just step trough the shadows?’’ Lathemas thought and was trying to get his mind focused on what happened, but he didn’t hat time to think that long they probably heard something so he needed to be quick and get inside the town hall and kill that mage so he could leave this place. Lathemas entered with his both weapons ready. As he entered carefully he didn’t see anyone inside, Lathemas saw a door in the back of the building and thought that was probably where the mage should be, he walked towards the door passing benches and got near the podium where the town major would give speeches. As he passed the podium he heard something behind him someone mutter some words or something he couldn’t understand them, He turned around and saw the mage standing behind him he heard the he was the one that was muttering those words and was probably casting a spell, at that moment when Lathemas was finished thinking that all trough the mage moved his hand forward and then out of nowhere there came a fireball from the mage his hand swirling towards Lathemas, he didn’t expect it and jumped to the ground feeling the heat of the fireball on his back while the fireball swirled over him. As Lathemas hit the floor he jumped right back up jumping on a bench then jumping towards the mage with his blade’s ready, when he was near the mage the mage did some kind of explosion and knocked Lathemas back with high force and Lathemas got knocked to the wall. Lathemas did not hesitate to retry an attack and from the position he was sitting against the wall he trowed one of his swords towards the mage. The mage blinked from the spot where he was standing and so the blade missed the mage, Lathemas lost sight of him. The mage either lost sight from Lathemas as well. Lathemas had some time to recover himself and stood up slowly looking where his other sword went, will doing so he spotted the mage left of him he noticed that the mage didn’t know where he was so Lathemas dropped to the ground and saw his sword lying on the ground not far from him, he crawled towards the sword thinking his best shot was to attack the mage with both his swords because he was trained in duel sword fighting. Lathemas was near his sword when the sword got slung away by some kind of force when he noticed the mage did that it was too late. Lathemas got the same force the sword got and once again flew through the air smacking hard against the wall. It felt Lathemas had been sleeping all night, when he came be he only was out for a few seconds, He tried to get up but it took him effort to get up and when he got up he instantly got knocked down again. This is going the wrong way Lathemas thought he didn’t had a chance to get close enough to do some damage to the mage. As Lathemas was still lying on the ground the mage walked to him and stopped two steps from him Lathemas looked up and looked at him, then he spoke ‘’You seek to kill me assassin? I knew of your mission before you even entered this town’’ he took a breath and then continued ‘’I knew every move your were going to take there is no way you were every going to kill me’’ he began to laugh and then stopped looking down on Lathemas ‘’And now I am going to end your life’’, Lathemas didn’t had the strength to get up or to fight back but he said ‘’You will die mage that is your destiny’’. The mage looked at Lathemas with a smile on his face ‘’Well how are you going to do that rogue?’’. At that point Lathemas saw a strange glow behind the mage, he recognized it, it was a faintly blue glow like the sword from the guard he took out outside the town hall. Only the guard wasn’t wielding it, The other rogue who had survived carried it and now stood behind the mage and he said ‘’This is how you will meet your death mage’’ , the mage gasped when he heard the other voice. The other rogue removed the head from the body with one simple slice, the head fell the ground followed by the lifeless body. The rogue stepped forward to Lathemas and gave Lathemas an hand. Lathemas grabbed the hand and pulled himself up he looked at the rogue and said ‘’Thanks for saving me, too bad I could do the finishing move to end the mage his life’’ , Lathemas looked down to the body of the mage and it vaporized into magic essence, strange enough Lathemas didn’t look surprised because he had seen it happen a couple of times, it always happens to someone who has connections with magic. Lathemas looked up and said to the rogue ‘’I think it would be best if I get a name from you’’. The rogue nodded and said ‘’My name is Favius Daark ‘’ Lathemas answered Favius with ‘’My name is Lathemas Deathwisper’’. Lathemas still weakened after the mage his attacks asked Favius ‘’Can I lean on you? I still have trouble keeping myself up’’, Favius said ‘’sure, let’s get out of here before we draw any more attention’’. Lathemas took one more look at the place where the mage was and he could now see tiny flashing orbs above its location, it was a successful mission, and he was happy with the results.


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Re: One Of Lathemas His Contracts

Post  Favius Daark on Tue Nov 04, 2008 1:57 am

((Cool Smile .. And its got Favi in it!! \o/))

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