OOC should not conflict with IC

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OOC should not conflict with IC

Post  Favius Daark on Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:58 am

Just a quick post to air my view really. Roleplay should not be interupted or changed in any way because the "Player" feels that something is going to effect their character in some way and they don't like it or feel that it's unfair.

For instance, and this is not meant to be a flame, only as an observation, this is what Favius knows.. IC..

Medlina got drunk and socialised with other Horde races resulting in Valtor getting annoying mail from a Troll

That is all he knows, so, naturaly he will eye Medlina with some scrutiny as she is a Lightslayer and has responsibilities, also, Favius is head of security and, at times, a little paranoid, it comes with the job.

Now.. Favius was going to bring Medlina in and question her about what happened to lead to the letters etc.. Has she become a threat?.. Has she forgotten her duties?.. Sorta thing.

Now this little RP plot will not go anywhere and if you ask me it was a perfect opportunity to get together for an hour while Medlina convices Favius that she is a good girl really and everything is cool..

Why is this not gonna happen? Medlina felt OOC that she had done nothing wrong and it was unfair to bring her in for questioning, and I totally agree... OOC.. Favius thinks otherwise.

As i have already said.. I'm not flaming you Medli , I think your RP is very good, however, I think you should have just played along.. It would have been fun.

So to everone.. Don't mix OOC with IC..

On a lighter note.. I aint gonna tell anyone ooc what I'm gonna do anymore, I'm just gonna do it, if you don't think its fair on your character, well, tough... Life aint full of roses and you'll appreciate it in the long run. Be ready for a surprise Smile

Your view is welcome too Medli *hugs*

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Favius Daark

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Re: OOC should not conflict with IC

Post  Gorthol on Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:24 am

I support this!
Anythign that also can increase the random RP, x_x Dedication people, dedication! This aint no Scourge Guild whereo ne person can soley control and make Rp all alone by himself and his vast mind, oh no, \o Dis be dah Forsaken roleplaying guild, and we've got responsibility to advertise our guild and bring back RP to this Really powerful pvp realm... ;]

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Re: OOC should not conflict with IC

Post  Nassulra Othlar on Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:37 am

I couldn't agree more Fav.

I've met a lot of people who felt that because i ect..ect..ect.. Tortured him. Which was in character really something that could fit in that paticular time, they would disagree out of character.
Some are afraid that something will happen to their character(Which i see as strange), they then choose to stay out of the roleplaying(Its not like there will happen anything else, in character).

So all in all: Think about what would fit the roleplay best, dont be afraid that something happens to your character. Just play along and have a good time.
Nassulra Othlar

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Re: OOC should not conflict with IC

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