Chillaa Sramer. ((Accepted))

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Chillaa Sramer. ((Accepted))

Post  Chillaa on Sun Oct 19, 2008 6:52 am

A cold wind blew the day i awoke, Buried alive for a crime i did not commit, Tho i would have my revenge.... To look at me now you wouldn't think i was once a loyal subject of the king of stormwind, And yet now, My one task left in this life is to have my vengeance, I awoke in the darkness, it took my a while to figure out where i was and alltho i cannot remember many things, i can remember my wife, screaming as they held me down torturing me, I can remember the tears in her eyes as they forced me into a coffin, then into a pre-dug hole where i should meet my doom.

Did i die? Or was i just reborn, I felt stronger, i had renewed determination, and as i crawled out of that maggot infested hole, i felt whole again..... Needless to say, those who had betrayed me got what they had coming to them, i showed no remorse in taking there lives infact, looking back, i think i enjoyed it. All my compassion had gone, i felt no need to go back to my wife, i just hungered for revenge.

That was just over 3 years ago, Today i know what i am, i am Forsaken. Bound to live my life hunted where ever i go, Yet the only way to survive is to join my former enemy's, The horde. I live my life quietly, Reading books, Learning as much as i can about the ways of the Mage, i have no need for WAR, My sole purpose is to get my revenge, and take what was took from me.

(( OOC ))

Hey guys, first off let me say im not writer i thought a little about a good background and that's what i came up with im aware its not great.

A little about me, im Dean, 18 live in England my characters name is Chillaa, im a level 70 mage, played on DB since 2 weeks after release, i have a part time job and go to college 5 days/week, id like to join an RP guild as these days i have no needs for raiding, ive read the rules and will obey them, yet all tho ive played on DB for so long im not a fantastic roleplayer, but hopefully i will get better. if there is anything else you need to know just whisper me in game.


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Re: Chillaa Sramer. ((Accepted))

Post  Krakus on Sun Oct 19, 2008 6:55 am

Accepted, interviewing soon!


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