Simple times.

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Simple times.

Post  Krakus on Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:40 am


Sparkles flew away from the anvil as the hammer hit the heated sword. Lazily Krakus raised his hammer again to continue his work.


The night was quiet in the war quarter, more quiet than usual. Well, of course there were the mild echoes coming from the otherside of the canal, where the new recruits were training.


Krakus raised the heated sword to inspect his work, merely to see that it looked alright but if it was really strong, it wasn't that important. He then threw the sword in to a rather large bucket of water, where his earlier works still laid around. The swords were indeed for the new recruits, he knew he could have made better swords. But what's the point? New recruits never survived, only the lucky ones.

He stared at the ready swords in thoughts for a moment. Not much went through his mind, except that if he should make a few extras, in case some of them were lost. It woudn't be the first time some new half-a-brain recruit managed to lose his or her weapon.

He sat down to enjoy his mild grog.

"Greetings my good sir!" Suddenly an old undead man in a hood almost shouted, propably because his own hearing was bad, he had an old wooden cane to help himself stand. Slightly suprised Krakus looked at the old man, wondering how the man could have walked there so silently with a cane. "Mm.. what do you want old man?" Said Krakus and cleared his throat.

The old man smiled and talked with his loud hoarse voice. "Ohh nothing special tonight my good sir, i was only wondering if you had any.. ehh..." The man had forgotten what he wanted. Krakus did not mind, there was something about the man's voice that was pleasant to listen at. Perhaps it was because he hadn't been talking to anyone for a a few days.

"Belt!" the man shouted. "Yes... that's what i need... you see, my old one is in
terrible shape...
(He patted his waist) oh dear yes, i suppose it was it's time. It was a good belt. Had it for years you see.."

Krakus nodded and narrowed his eyes again as he measured the man's waist. "Yes, i have some, give me a moment old man." Krakus turned around to search for a belt from a wooden chest where he kept all his smaller gear.

There was a moment of silence.

"Very quiet night yes?" the old man said, with a slighly quieter voice. Krakus merely grunted in agreement as he continued to search for the belt. He heard the old man sight behind him and he started talking again, clearly he just wanted to keep the conversation going. "Much strange rumours concerning the north yes? Very strange people too..." Krakus heard the man take a few steps around with his cane.

"I woudn't know, and i don't believe in rumours." Krakus said shortly.

"Well.." the old man continued. "Not only the rumours worry me, but i've seen how everything is somehow... different, things used to be so simple." the man said quietly. Krakus paused his search for a moment on the word "simple". If things used to be simple, how damn twisted are things now?

"Well my good sir, sometimes it's good to know things, you never know, even the strangest of things you hear, could be true yes?" the old man said.

Krakus sighted. "I only know what i need to know. Which is, don't ask questions.."

"Ahhh! yes... interesting. You must've served in the army, yes?" the man let out a somewhat excited chuckle.

Krakus did not answer. Was he that obvious? well, he was working in the war quarter afterall. Krakus heard the man take one of his swords from the water bucket, which made him turn around instantly. "Hmm... interesting.." the old man did not sound very impressed. Krakus felt slightly ashamed and the need to defend his work. "They may not be strong, but they're strong enough, recruits need no better."

The old man laughed and dropped the sword back in to the bucket. "Don't worry my good sir, i'm sure in the end, the fate of any soldier is not decided by how good the weapon or how strong the armor is."

Krakus nodded and turned around slowly to continue his search. "Where are those belts.." he muttered. The chest had suprisingly many things in it. Even his old tabard of the old lordaeron. He merely pushed it aside, not giving it any thought.

"One should not stay put too long, it's not very healthy" the old man said with his pleasant hoarse voice. "Especially for the mind."

Krakus rolled his eyes and grunted again. Then he found the belt. "There it is, would this fit your nee-...?" Krakus turned around while speaking, the man had disappeared. Which left Krakus a bit confused.

"Very strange people." Krakus quoted the man. "Indeed." he finished and picket up a sharpening stone for the swords. He threw the belt away and while doing so he noticed that it was his own old belt from a time when things used to be "simple".

((Just something i wrote a few weeks ago. Suspect ))


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