Guild Rules + Code of Conduct

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Guild Rules + Code of Conduct

Post  Valtor on Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:05 am

1. Respect. Be friendly and mature towards other members and they will do the same to you. Also try to be friendly when interacting with other players that are not in the guild. Everything you do anywhere reflects upon the whole guild. We have no room for childish behaviour.

2. Out of Character behaviour. We are a serious roleplaying guild. Any OOC talking in /yell and /say is not allowed, and there are no exceptions. And naturally no exploiting/cheats/editors are allowed. If we see you using one, we will kick you and report you. Always try to remember this, even uncontrollable bunny-jumping can be seen as OOC. Unless you have a -very- good IC reason to do it. No corpse camping or ninjalooting either, never.

3. Contribution. Officers do not keep the guild running by themselves, it's everyone! Newcomers, members, old members. Try to be as active as you can, even if your playtime is limited. Help other members if they need help, offer help if nobody asks. You can organize events if you want to, whatever you want to do. Don't hesitate. We're all here to enjoy the game, and this is the best way to do it!

4. Language. When reading this, also remember rule one: Respect. Try to avoid swear words and such without a very good reason (If there is one). Nothing good ever comes from bad language. Also speaking english is enforced. Leet is not english, it's a silly internet language that nobody likes. Use full words. A good examble of bad language is "u" which is supposed to mean "You" or "k" is supposed to mean "okay". No... Not like this. Use full words so that everyone can understand what you are saying. "What the hell?" is always better than ""wth?". Also try to avoid spamming, and let everyone speak if they have something to say.

5. Patience. If you have no patience at all this is not the guild for you. If nothing happens in the first two houers/days you're in the guild, it does not mean that we're inactive. if you want something to happen and you're tired of waiting, you can always organize an event of your own. Or just ask if anyone needs help or wants to rp. Remember rule 3. Contribution.

6 Guildchat is in character. we have a seperate OOC channel that we will tell you once you join the guild. The IC reason to have an IC guildchat is somewhat open minded, some could say we talk through our hearthstones. Which means we cannot touch or maybe even see eachother. The stone can teleport you to an inn, so why coudn't our most powerful mages tune our stones so that we can talk to eachother?

7. Last but not least. You must accept and obey these rules if you want to join the guild. I suggest you read these rules at least twice and try to always remember them. Thank you for reading. May god have mercy on your soul if you only scrolled down to read the last sentence. Evil or Very Mad

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