Caelus The Lightslayer

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Caelus The Lightslayer

Post  Favius Daark on Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:01 am

Caelus stood outside the door to Favius' quarters and made sure he was presentable, he quickly brushed dust from his tabard with his hand and adjusted his goggles before he knocked.

"Enter" was the all the response he got as his knuckles rapped on the door.

Caelus opened the door slowly and walked into the room, closing the door behind him, he approached Favius who was sitting at his desk pondering over some scrolls.

"Yes?.. What is it?" Favius grunts, not looking up from his scrolls.

"My Lord High Executor," Caelus started, in his best and most respectful voice, "I have completed the third task."

Favius looks up from his scrolls and grins "Ahh, Caelus, I did not realise it was you.. Well .. Where is it?"

" She proved to be most stubborn" Caelus grins as he places The Darkwater Talwar gently on Favius' desk.

Favius leans back in his chair "Excellent Caelus!! I am impressed.. Keep the weapon.. You have earned it, now one more thing, what have the three tasks taught you?"

Caelus clears his throat and starts to explain to Favius how the three tasks have taught him more about the three virtues, Respect, Tenacity and Power. Favius sits back and listens intently to Caelus, nodding his approval at times throughout the explaination.

"You have done well" Favius congratulates Caelus, "Now.. No grand ceremonies for us Caelus, it is our way... Do you accept the responsibilty of a Lightslayer?.. For Queen, Church and The Blighted Crown?.. To carry on practicing the three virtues throughout your daily routine and to guide others so that they may find solace in our beliefs?"

Caelus stands as straight as his back will allow him " I accept, My Lord... I am prepared to do my duty"

Favius stands and pats Caelus on the shoulder "Well done.. From this moment on you shall be known as a ... Hmm.. You are the first and I need an officer...Right.. You shall be know as Executor, Lightslayer Caelus.. You get the rank by default.. Don't let me down.. Now, I need a supply of bandit masks.. Get to it!"

Favius sits back down to his scrolls as Caelus leaves the room, "Bandit masks my Lord... " Caelus bows respectfully before he leaves.

((Just a short story to congratulate Caelus. All three tasks done and he did'nt grumble once Very Happy .. Well done))
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Re: Caelus The Lightslayer

Post  Caelus on Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:43 am

Moments later somewhere in Tirisfal.

Caelus peered around, he saw no nearby persons, he then continued to create a campfire.
He sat down in the gras beside the fire, and took out the Darkwater Talwar placing it before him.
"This sword, yes, it's a symbol of my succes with the tasks. Respect, Tenacity, Power, those words mean so much more than what they did before I began the trials of a Lightslayer, and now I am the first."

With one finger he touched the tip of the blade.
"Hmm.. Sharp too, sharp as the senses of any of the Lightslayers must be, sharp as their weapons must be."

For a moment he was silent, listening to his surroundings.
"Hmm.. Nothing.. I'm the first, the Executor, a great honor.. With responsability. I'll have to see if there are any skilled enough to gain the rank, it won't be easy for them, it wasn't easy for me either. Respect, Tenacity, Power, they'll need to complete these tasks and understand their meaning."

It started raining, Caelus peered upwards before looking at his fire again, it had been put out by the rain.
"Just as this fire was put out by rain, just as the light it gave faded when the rain descended upon it, shall anyone who spreads the word of the Light meet their end as a Lightslayer descends upon him.. Or her."

He stood up, peering around, his clothes already soaking wet.
"Enough thinking out loud.. Time to leave and do my duty."

((Nice story Fav, and thanks for the compliments, this is one was a bit of a follow up to Fav's story.))


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